BOSCOM TECHNOLOGY WAS REFOUND ON May 2017, Cause we update from a copycat company to a create company. From May 2005 to May 2017, We produce CCTV equipments without any technology research. But from May 2017 on. We had our own intellectual property right. We took 18 months to build first relax chair of world, This relax chair will help peoples working front of desk to miss Cervical spondylosis, Shoulder disease, Waist disease,hair drop, strong hair oil secretion, etc disease

From the first wooden bench was been made. there had thousand years passed, wooden bench, wooden chair, soft cushion chair, office chair, sofa, game chair, many kinds of chair with better looking and design. but, all research direction of chair based comfortable REST. because generally acknowledged chair used for rest. We forget a very important change, we use chair not anymore for rest, it already became a working tool. we seat on chair front of desk for WORK. 

A full new design Chair was requested to let all peoples working front desk not troubled by cervical spondylosis, shoulder disease, waist disease etc occupational disease, cause very people working hard front of desk like programmer, designer, hardware developer, arist, sales, writter, analyst etc. all are treasure of human. their work make our world better and better. they should not get troubled by occupational disease, their life and mind very valuable. 

Same as the time we greet to all peoples who working front desk. we create a new chair for them, it with chest frame and jaw support design. it will give enough support to user's jaw, chest and back. it relax all body part when long time work, prevent our body troubled by occupational disease.