Relax Chair V1
Relax Chair V1 Relax Chair V1 Relax Chair V1

Relax Chair V1

Relax Chair V1

Material used: stainless steel,nylon,PP,sponge, fabric.
Chest frame size: 30x30cm Min / 40x30cm max adjustable
Back cushion, chest frame, head cushion adjustable
Back bar tube angle adjustable
Seat cushion height adjustable
Full direction wheel support
Category: Relax Chair
Relax chair V1 is first generation relax chair. it used adjustable chest frame design. fit for diffrent chest circumference people. This chair mainly used stainless steel frame. combine good quality high density sponge. bring you a very confortable seat experience. 

Special jaw support and chest frame design of this relax chair will take you not trounbled by 4 body parts:head, neck, shoulder and waist.

Long time working front of desk will make neck muscle under a strong working mode. it will press on neck blood vessel, result head lack of blood supply. this will make you drop hair cause it can not get enough nutrition to grew as normal. lack of blood supply also will make your under dizziness and sleepiness status. so, most of peoples will feeling mental discomfort and drowsiness after long time working, specially front of desk work. Neck muscles under strong working mode also will make lots of heat. as we observed,normally, our neck will be 36.3-3.64 degrees, but after 3-4 hours front of desk working or gaming, our neck temperature will higher to 36.9-37.1 degree, highest we get 37.4 degree. all the blood from your heart to your head will pass your neck, high temperature neck will heat the blood passing neck. it make your brain under high temperature status like get favor. that is reason for you will easy to feeling dizziness when you working front of desk. Neck muscle excess work also will make itself lesion, stiff or nodule, those lesions will make you feeling sore and movement inconvenient. Jaw support design for solve these problems. it can give very well support when you working front of desk, your neck muscle will not by heavy duty during you attention on your work. 

Chest Frame can give a goods support for your forward leaning body when you working front of desk. it keeps your shoulder and waist be a relax statues. forward leaning body will give big duty on your waist muscles, to avoid our waist muscles excessive fatigue, usually we put our arms on desk to get support,this posture will share duty for our waist muscles, but it also make a new problem. long time to keep this posture, our shoulder and waist both be damaged. shoulder/waist sore, periarthritis of shoulder, arm numbness, lumbar disc herniation. our body will under fierce pain by ahead disease. now we need not worry about those problem anymore, relax chair will keep your body under real relax status, it will keep our body under a health status.

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